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3 Showit SEO Mistakes Costing You Money

There are three Showit SEO mistakes that are costing you money. Find out if you’re making any of these common SEO mistakes. 

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How To Check SEO Without Googling Yourself

Why you shouldn’t Google yourself Did you realize that Google personalizes your search results? Personalized search results mean that any search you make is skewed by your physical location, browsing history, and what you regularly search for you’re put into audience segments. Table of Contents Your Audience Segments Generally speaking,

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How to Use Google Search Console to Refine Keywords

No matter if you’ve recently published a new site, made changes to your existing site, or want to optimize your organic reach with keyword research to improve your page ranks, Google Search Console is the tool you need. Since Google ranks pages, not entire websites, Google Search Console is a

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Why I Use Asana for SEO Project Management

What is a project management system? bc I like it, that’s why. Project management system is a way of managing projects from planning to organizing to managing task execution. A great project management system can even handle estimation activities, track hours, and keep up with communication. There are many CRMs

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How To Add Users to Google My Business Account

Table of Contents Here’s how to add users &/or assign partners to your Google My Business account. How to Add to Google My Business Sign into your Google My Business Account Click on “Users” from the menu on the far left Click “Add users” from the top right of the

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How To Add Users to Business Pinterest Account

Table of Contents Add Users to Business Pinterest Account No matter if you’re adding users to your business Pinterest account or assigning a partner in Pinterest, navigating the business Pinterest platform can be confusing. Here’s how to add users &/or assign partners to a business Pinterest account.   how to

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Table of Contents Dubsado CRM Dubsado keeps me organized & saves me time I use Dubsado integrated with Squarespace, Google Drive & Asana. I do SEO & marketing consulting–my setup will obviously be a little different but similar enough to let you visualize how it’s used. Sign-up using my Dubsado

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How To Choose The Best Website Platform For SEO

Looking to build a website? If you want to retain some control, you might not want a fully coded site and that’s an understandable choice… I’ve worked on almost every website platform available; this comprehensive list of website platforms will help guide you as you choose a builder that will allow your business to grow.

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