Keyword Research

Keyword Research

How can your business benefit from an keyword research?

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Keywords are to corner-pieces as those are to jigsaws. Once you know the goal of a page, you can strategically do keyword research and then craft content that attracts high quality leads.

You’re paying for the art of crafting a refined list of keywords that drive high-quality leads.

How would Keyword Research create more revenue for your business?

You need a keywords that do more than drive traffic; you need keywords that convert users to leads.

I can help.

How The Keyword Research Process Works


Perform Comprehensive Site Audit

Keyword research starts with a comprehensive site audit to identify low-hanging fruit on the site, identify the overall site goals and the page categories/sub goals, market trends, conversion rates, competitors, and more.


Research Keywords

Once we've established the site goals, the next step in the keyword research process is to build a comprehensive list of keywords and then refine the list.


Categorize Keywords

The third step in the keyword research process is to categorize the refined list of keywords.


Determine Pages For Implmenting Keywords

The final step of the keyword research process is to determine the best ways to use the refined list keywords.

Keyword Research FAQs

Learn more about keyword research.

Keyword research tells you your site rankings, competitor rankings, areas of opportunity for content marketing, and identifies areas of improvement for on page SEO efforts.

You can do your own keyword research! I’m working on a course to help you walk yourself through the keyword research process. 

In my expert opinion, keyword research should only happen under the context of understanding the business. It’s easy to create a list of keywords; what you’re paying for is the art of crafting a refined list of keywords that drive high-quality leads.

Benefits of Keyword Research

When combined with a comprehensive SEO Audit, keyword research can increase conversion rates, help determine which on-page SEO efforts to prioritize, identify longtail keywords to increase click throughs, identify market trends to strategically tailor a content marketing strategy, and improve search rankings.

Increased Conversion Rates
Keyword research can increase Conversion Rates when implemented strategically
Strategically Prioritize SEO Effort
Keyword research helps businesses determine which SEO efforts to prioritize
Determine Necessary Longtail Keywords
Keyword research can help determine necessary longtail keywords that often increase click throughs
Tailored Content Strategy
Keyword research can help determine marketing trends and create a tailored content strategy that drives more traffic
Improved Search Ranking
Keyword research can improve search rankings

Keyword Research Cost

Done-for-you keyword research costs depend on the industry and is offered as an add-on to Comprehensive SEO Audits.

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Keyword Research Testimonials

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