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As a former destination wedding photographer, I didn’t know where to start optimizing my site. I thought constant design changes would magically uplevel the clients I attracted…it didn’t but mastering SEO did!

Let me pull back all those pretty layers on your site and tell you what you need to do to improve your SEO & start driving high-quality leads to your site. 

Tap into my wealth of knowledge and get a free website audit.

An in-depth website audit is the foundation of any good SEO strategy. 

Your free site audit will allow you to assess your site’s SEO health, determine page ranks, discover new opportunities, and uncover technical errors. 

Let me guess you’re…

…how’s that working for you? 

Your website is your business’ biggest asset and you’re out there doing all the work…

Let’s do a free site audit and figure out how to put that site to work.

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Meet The seo expert

hi there,

I'm Stefanie

I’m an SEO expert with 10 years of experience. I started as a wedding photographer SEO-ing myself into cities I’d never been to for the sake of travel & work. I have a gift for identifying patterns and creating strategies that convert.

Site audits are the foundation of any SEO effort. Tap into my wealth of knowledge and get a free site audit today.

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